May 28, 2011

"If Mumbai Indian wins the IPL, I will kiss KRK" :Viveik Mishra

The nude comer from short film ‘Shayaad’ has made a statement on social networking site and twitter that if Mumbai Indian wins the IPL, he will smooch KRK. KRK recently said, he will marry Karan Johar if Mumbai Indian Wins.

It looks like the season of strip and Kiss has started from publicity seeker Poonam Pandey, then KRK marrying Karan Johar and the icing of the cake will be Viveik Mishra smooching Kamaal Rashid Khan in KRK’s wedding reception with Karan Johar.

KRK is been in the news for wrong reasons, be it hitting Rohit Verma in Bigg Boss house or be it trying to chase Priyadarshini Singh and now Karan Johar.

I think the desh drohi guy is gone wacky and liberal to explore all the possibilities in this world.

Hopefully KRK’s marital status will be changed, if not girlfriend he will have a boyfriend, who it will be Karan Johar or Viveik Mishra, only time will tell.

Viveik said, “KRK is most talented and attractive man in the B-Town. As I have given kissing shots in a short film with a guy. So some of my friends were saying if given an opportunity to kiss a guy off-screen whom would you choose? I said off course KRK.”

Viveik has another reason to celebrate, as Raja Chadhary is externed from Mumbai. Viveik has a case on Raja for sexual molestation.

I wish KRK gets good kiss from Viveik and if Karan accepts his marriage proposal then they get married soon and live happily ever after.

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-K Himaanshu Shukla..
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